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Guiding Lights Technology Inc. is a privately held 25 year old technology company founded by Graham H. Stokes, Chairman and CEO.

It specializes in the provision and marketing of Best-of-Breed ground vehicle Simulators and CCTV Security and Surveillance Systems, combined with Human Factors and Human Systems Integration to optimize Passenger Safety and Public Security. The benefits include significantly increased profitability by reducing driver turn-over, preventable accidents and ensuring a continuous supply of highly trained professional drivers. Our simulation experience and knowledge has been accumulated working for companies which include;

Bombardier Transportation UK Lockheed Martin Canada
Knorr-Bremse - NYAB The IIT Research Institute, Chicago.
Cory's, France FAAC, Ann Arbor, MI
Sydac QinetiQ

This experience enables us to provide “Independent” expert advice and guidance to the Rail Industry on the worlds most advanced Simulators, utilizing “Human Factors Engineering” and “Human Systems Integration” expertise. This optimizes Training, Integration, Safety and Security and assists customers expedite their Return on Investment in New Rolling Stock, High Speed Rail and New Systems Technologies.

Customers in the Rail, Airport and Oil & Gas Industries include:

• Bombardier: Worked with Bombardier to provide Simulators to UK customers.
• EWS: Provided Rail Simulators to EWS, the UK's largest Rail Freight Company.
• Central Trains: Provided Rail Simulators to Central Trains, Birmingham, UK.
• Toronto Airport: GLT Prime Contractor for development and supply of Driver Training Simulators.
• Baltimore Airport: Development and supply of Ground Vehicle Simulators.
• Gibson Energy: GLT Prime Contractor for Mobile Simulators for Oil & Gas Industry.

Simulation, Human Factors and Human Systems Integration technologies have long been used for Training;

• Astronauts
• The Military, and in safety critical fields like
• Aviation
• Super Tanker Shipping, and
• Nuclear Power

Until recently, this essential element of training technologies has not been available to the Rail industry, specifically HF and HSI. However, GLT is now bringing these technologies together for the Rail Industry to optimise Passenger Safety, Security and Satisfaction. We are also working with consortium of 31 British Universities engaged in Rail Research which includes Suicide Prevention and reducing the costs incurred by Assaults and Vandalism to railway infrastructure.

"MISSION STATEMENT: Reduce Accidents, Fatalities and "Delay Minute" costs in the Rail industry caused by inadequate Training and Human Error, by providing;

Best-of-Breed Simulators, CCTV with COLOUR Night Vision, Safety and Security Training technologies combined with Human Factors (HF) and Human Systems Integration (HSI)

Simulation, HF and HSI has long been an essential part of Astronaut, Aviation and Military Training. With the introduction of High Speed Rail, GLT is bringing together the seamless integration of these systems and innovations. Drivers can attain "Airline Pilot Standards" of Training and Certification to reduce accidents.

Combined, these technologies will also facilitate the rapid integration of emergency procedures, National Transportation Safety Board, Homeland Security and Transport Police recommendations, to optimize Passenger Safety and Public Security.

GLT is a privately owned company providing "Independent" expert advice on the worlds most advanced Training Technologies to exceed your business and performance needs. We invite you to review these technologies and are available 24X7 to discuss the benefits they will bring to your business"

GLT was awarded a prestigious contract by Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport, for the development and supply of advanced driver training simulators. Additional Airport simulators contracts secured in 2008.

GLT awarded major international contracts with the UK's largest Rail Freight company, EWS. GLT also secured rail simulator orders from Central Trains, UK.

GLT awarded contracts for Mobile Driver Training Simulators from North American Oil & Gas companies. We were recommended by Insurance companies to the Oil & Gas Industry.

GLT has secured International Partnership Agreements and alliances with:

Bombardier UK. GLT advised BT UK and Europe on Best of Breed Simulator technology
FCL UK. To provide Foam Air Engine Filters in North America.
DERA _ QinetiQ. The British Defence Evaluation Research Agency, simulator support.
Angel Trains. Angel to provide financing for acquisition of clients simulators.

GLT - Locomotive Simulators 2013
FRA Cab Technology Integrated Laboratory



Guiding Lights Technology (GLT) is a Privately held Canadian company.  We are experts in the custom design, development, supply and integration of Mobile Driver Training Simulators world wide, with a focus on the Global Oil & Gas Industry.

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GLT has signed an Exclusive Agreement with FCL UK Ltd, to distribute in North America the revolutionary Foam Air Engine Filer.  They last 4 times as long as paper filters, prolong engine life, optimize performance reducing fuel usage and contribute to the Environment, by reducing pollution and solid waste.  Driver training, fuel economy and Environmental Compliance is now high on all CEOs agendas.  GLT will provide full product supply and logistics support for the supply of this revolutionary product.

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Include a laser Video Eye-Tracking System, developed for training U.S. Air force fighter pilots.  A major cause of vehicle accidents is a driver’s poor scanning pattern.  By observing a driver/pilot, a trainer knows the general direction of their scanning pattern.  However, they do not know with pin-point accuracy, the effectiveness of their scanning pattern.  The Eye-Tracker, with a mini camcorder, projects and records a cross (+) on the video of the driver’s scanning pattern relative to the terrain, for playback and analysis.  It is a powerful tool for trainers to evaluate drivers.

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GLT’s range of simulators and training technologies has been featured on TSN with Brad Diamond and articles by Jim Kenzie, Toronto Star, Rolf Lockwood, Editor of Today’s Trucking, John G. Smith, Editor of Truck News, as well as Silicon Valley North.  GLT’s initiative to integrate simulation technology into driver training is supported by the Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto police and the transportation Industry.





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